The Social Rebellion Story

It’s your life.

Your life experience is the sum of your choices; perhaps some of those choices have been silly, but we are all human. The Social Rebellion has been created to empower you to live the life you want to experience so you can say goodbye to the one your feel trapped by.

It’s not your fault.

The myths that we have been sold, the lies we have been told, the PR that has been spun about alcohol serves corporate gain and commercial profit. The Social Rebellion is here to serve you beautiful person. By learning the truth about alcohol, you will be empowered to do better, because you know better.

Alcohol is not the solution.

You may have asked yourself, 'do I have a problem?' Well, yes you do. The problem isn’t alcohol, it’s your relationship with it. See, it's complicated, the solution you’ve used to mask the issue at hand, is alcohol. The Social Rebellion will help you identify these issues and offer you strategies to help you deal with them, rather than just barely cope.

You won’t die.

Perhaps the thought of living for a little or a long time without alcohol, makes you feel ill or you genuinely believe it's impossible. It's not impossible, I did it! What if  this is the key to open the door to your best days? We must be willing to take a risk to get the gold. The Social Rebellion has been established to guide you through a new day-to-day so you can create the life you’ve dreamt of. One of true freedom. 

It is simple, not easy.

Rebelling against societal norms is quite simple, it comes down to one choice and you putting that choice above expectations, opinions or resistance. In today's social set-up, it proves to be a very difficult undertaking. The Social Rebellion has been designed to help you with every step, hurdle and challenging part of this new way forward. I know it won't be easy, but it will be worth it, because you are. 

This is the practical how-to-guide we all need from a woman who’s not afraid to share her very relatable story. For anyone who’s ever questioned their relationship with alcohol as a social crutch, the 31 Days will add more to your life than two glasses of pinot noir a night ever will.
— Mel, Sydney