Why you deserve a break, not a drink.



I find it interesting when people tell me they knock back a few vinos on any given afternoon because, ‘I deserve it.


Two things to point out here;

1.     Most people don’t actually think about why they do stuff, they just do it

2.     This seems completely normal in our society.


To clarify, I’m not passing any judgement on such people, they were my people. Well I used to do the very same thing, very often, without consideration. I just thought that I deserved to go out with my friends and carry on, I deserved to unwind at the end of a long day and I deserved to have a drink, when I felt like I deserved to have a drink. This was me. It might be you right now, but it’ not me any longer.


I deserve it.

But do you really?


I understand that you work hard, you run a family, you walk the dog and you keep up with the Kardashians, and so yes, you deserve a reward. For sure. You’re a kick ass modern day high functioning human, you have it all or at least you’re the ‘try my best’ type, and yes you, you deserve something. But a drink?


Do you know what one glass of alcohol does to your insides, or your brain? I know you know how it makes you feel, and that’s what you think you deserve. It numbs your senses, it takes the edge off, it slows the thoughts and lets you finally, rest.


Internally though, the reason you are feeling like the edge has been taken off, is because your brain has stopped working properly, you see, alcohol changes the neural pathways in your actual human brain. It stops your brain working. Ever wondered why when you drink, (and not everyone, but a few of you reading this might recall) you can make a really stupid decision. Like you can’t even believe how stupid that choice was. Like who even were you last night when you said that thing, went home with that person, got in the car or threw up in that handbag? And it was just a casual afternoon with the girls, right?

After a casual afternoon that went sour, you might wonder, what is going on with me?


Alcohol, that’s what’s going on.


So, let’s talk about reward and what you truly deserve. Do I believe you deserve a break? Yes. I did. I was tired and I worked hard and I needed a break. Do you deserve some self-care and nurturing? Yes. I did, I was harbouring a huge trauma in my life and was unable to process it properly. Do you deserve to feel free, rather than trapped in your choices? Yes. I did. I kept choosing a behaviour with unfulfilling results and was confuse when the outcome wasn’t changing. So I had to change something. One thing. My relationship with alcohol.


You deserve better, than a hangover or a bad choice. You deserve to be empowered to make good choices. And once you realise that drinking alcohol is not going to change your situation, this can have a freeing effect. Drinking doesn’t make your children less intense, it doesn’t get the guy back, it doesn’t make your boss less of a jerk, or that pair of last season’s jeans suddenly fit you again. It’s not a solution, therefore, it can only be a problem.


So, have a little think the next time you say to yourself that you deserve a drink because you are so busy and brave and everything to everyone, and come up with a solution for yourself rather than a problem.


If you drink a little too much and little too often or you feel uncomfortable with your relationship with alcohol, taking a cheeky-month alcohol-free will help you understand your choices and empower you to make ones that will give you a better result.


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