Wine Meme's. Nope!

“Coffee keeps me busy until it’s acceptable to drink wine” 

“I’ve got 99 problems but I’m going to ignore all of them and have some wine.” 

"Tonights forecast, 99% chance of wine."

"A day without wine is like… just kidding I have no idea."


Not cool Instagram. Not cool.


I can hear it now, you are saying out loud to your friend across the open place office, ‘oh seriously, it’s just a meme.’ And you’re a right, it is just a meme. But I fully believe that what we expose ourselves to and what we feed ourselves, can either build us or break us. So, let me break this down for you.


I love a good LOL. Let me be clear. I am in no way being the fun police. I’ve simply made an observation and I thought you might like to see things from where I sit, three and a half years since my last glass of wine.


There is a societal norm that bothers me.


The one that says as woman we can’t enjoy a weekend, each other, a celebration, nor get dumped, fired, promoted or engaged without smashing a few Savvy B’s. Apparently, ‘it’s our thing', with ‘our people’. But if you can’t hang out with your friends or be in a social situation without alcohol, then unfortunately my friend, you have turned your power over to it. As much as we all need a good ol’ LOL on a late Friday arvo, promoting a binge drinking culture which has become embedded in our weekend plans, only glamourises this escalating and troublesome modern-day manner.


Women are smart. We are powerful. We are gracious, flawless and we woke up like this. So why, according to the Internet, can’t we survive a weekend without ‘letting our hair down’ and by that, I mean tipple until we topple?


We don’t need wine to unite us. We don’t need drinks. We need each other.






It is everyones own responsibility to choose what is appropriate from them to see, share, like and follow, so imagine my surprise when a post popped up suggesting that the only thing that rhymes with Friday, is wine? Well I did a double take, not a double tap.


Instead of the promise of women’s health, business chicks and you go girl, I saw our sisterhood disempowered by the promotion of the worst version of ourselves and I’m not okay with it. Why? Because alcohol robs us of our power. It dresses us down. It erases our memories and it inevitably, at some point, maybe not today, but one day, will end in tears.


What’s the solution?


At least if I’m going to have a rant about something, I’d like to offer a way to try to fix it, rather than just keep calm and carry on.


Please don’t promote, repost or like social media posts that disempower women especially those which promote or glamourise binge-drinking. Even if for a second it’s slightly funny, think about the broader message. Thoughts become things. If you can see it, you can be it. So, don’t buy into the lie that we need wine to get through. We are built to deal. It’s not that ‘we can’t even,’ because we totally can! We need empowered women to take a stand and say no, that’s not how we roll. And if it is how you roll, then maybe it’s time to take an honest look at your relationship with alcohol and set some healthy boundaries.


We are worth far more than a cheap shot, and not of tequila. Joking about an increasing issue that holds us ransom to bad choices is straight up not cool.


The hard data on drinking within our fearless community of independent women is alarming. The statistics on alcohol as a factor in domestic violence instances in this country, is appalling. Add to that, content creators attempting to make sweet LOLs for likes. Well I just had to say something!


So, the next time the inspirational, lifestyle, girl power, boss lady, aspirational, wellness Instagram account you so loyally follow posts a meme that tells you ‘A day without wine is like… just kidding I have no idea.