How to tell if you need to take a break from alcohol

Ever thought maybe you need to take a break from drinking? For a little or maybe a long time. Well, here is the way to figure it out once and for all. 

Without trivialising the concerning number of alcohol related incidents reported in this country (it's something like 4.4 million), it’s safe to say, a lot of people are struggling with a ‘kind of drinking problem.’ Meaning, you drink a bit too much, a bit too often but it’s not like you’ve lost your job over it or that you can’t function. You can function (barely) or perhaps just fine actually but you just drink, more than your fair share of tipples. Maybe you’re unsure if you need to stop. Or maybe, like I was, you are innately aware that you want to stop, but you’re unsure about how to do it. For those of you who are in the 'I'm not entirely sure if I need to stop the bottle popping' category, here is a list of 10 signs that you, yes you high-functioning, super human, need to step away from the bar, for a little or maybe a long time.

Before you read the list and tick one or maybe ten boxes, there is no judgement here. This is a shame free zone. The Social Rebellion is all about empowering people to make better choices. One of the keys ways to do this, is for each person to become aware of the current choices being made. Your life, here, now, today, is created out of the choices you have made. That's not to say that shit things haven't happened to you, or life has been totally fair and there's not slightly too much pressure on your shoulders as you carry the weight of a modern-day existence with you everywhere you go. But despite circumstance, good bad or terrible, we each choose our response. This is the choice the defines your path. 

The Social Rebellion Top Ten: 

1.     You say things like, ‘I just need a drink’ or ‘let’s just get a drink’ or 'I'll feel better after a drink.'

2.     On Saturday morning you say you’re not going to drink and then you end up drinking by the early afternoon. 

3.     It’s never just one drink, it's usually a bottle (with friends of course, but still). 

4.     You don't hang out with a particular friend or group of friends unless it involves drinking.

5.     You have memory loss or can't remember time stamps from a night out on the cans.

6.     You lie (or mildly bend the truth) about the number or frequency in which you drink alcohol.

7.     You drink by yourself. 

8.     You’re unsure how to stop drinking so much, so often but you are positive you want to. 

9.     The thought of stopping drinking seems impossible to you. 

10.  You are drinking 'because'  something happened whether it was a good thing, a bad thing, a predictable thing or an unexpected thing. 


If you identify with any or all of the above predicaments, the good news is, you are smart enough to become aware and once we have awareness, we can start to identify our current relationship status with alcohol. Once we have defined this, we can make positive changes. 

Now we have created a level of awareness, perhaps taking some time alcohol-free will be good for you, and the people around you. I believe that true freedom begins with a cheeky-month alcohol-free. If you are up for it, join The Social Rebellion and see what changes for you in a simple month saying No Thanks, I’ll have a water.’