Well Wellness, answer me this.

It’s not often I find myself vacantly scrolling through Instagram these days, mostly due to the volume of attention doing my passion requires, which is a lot. Juggling two businesses and launching a third, yeah it takes up my time. Add to that the recent decision to delete my email and Facebook from my phone, (highly recommended) I now use my five minutes’ spare waiting for a coffee in a more productive manner. However, I do have a cheeky scroll no more than 30 seconds just to remind myself why I don’t make a habit of Insta-scrolling.


I own two gyms, I host a podcast, Healthy-ish, and am studying nutrition online (told you I had a lot on) and my new venture The Social Rebellion encourages women to redefine their relationship with alcohol. From that alone, you can imagine what my Instagram feed looks like. I follow women’s wellness accounts, platforms and people who I admire and am inspired by. All positivity in my feed and not many bikini selfies, thankfully.


In one day, on a 30 second scroll two posts popped up that pissed me off. And I’ll tell you why but first let me state for the record that not a lot of things piss me off. I’m resilient and because I woke up like this, I am ok with how you woke up. I’m understanding of differing positions, I’m empathetic, and I try as best I can to not let things that I can’t control affect my day. But this ticked me off. Rather than complain, or slam the offending platforms, I thought I would pen my thoughts and explain my position in an articulate manner so here goes.

Post that pissed me off #1 by @goop.

A women’s wellness website created by a woman whose rise in Hollywood was meteoric. She is adored, she’s survived scandal and divorce, and her message is women’s strength and empowerment. She’s an original boss babe. Juggling work, kids, an empire and somehow, maybe it’s a distaste for carbs, I’m not sure, but rocks a killer body, like a six-pack to boot, have you seen iron Man 2? She’s brains and beauty and her brand, @goop really failed her message with this post.


I’m not pointing the finger at Gwyneth, I’m pretty sure she isn’t posting memes on @goop’s Instagram feed. But someone is. And that person might want to closely consider the brand one is representing.


According to goop itself, goop is about Cutting-edge wellness advice from doctors, vetted travel recommendations, and a curated shop of clean beauty, fashion, and home.


I personally think that a wellness geared message shouldn’t align with certain practices. Promoting junk food in a health centre, partnering with products that are laced with chemicals for a low-tox life message. And promoting alcohol-use for a women’s website curated by doctors. And here is why.


It’s not that people shouldn’t be allowed to drink alcohol, it’s about our relationship with it. It’s about the alarming number of women who are alcohol-dependant who cannot fathom a week without their wine, or catching up with their girlfriends without their gin. Alcohol is a class A1 carcinogenic, that it means causes cancer. (World Health Organization study 1988). The classification means it’s the highest level of cancer causing to humans. I love getting a good score and being at the top of the class but an A1 carcinogen is not ideal.


Alcohol is additive, it’s available everywhere, it has many negative health effects, is a depressant, a poison (that’s why you put lemonade with your vodka), it’s toxic, and is responsible of hundreds of thousands of deaths each year. Why a wellness website would make a joke about this is beyond me. And it’s not like I can’t take a joke. I totally can but there are things that just aren’t funny no matter how much you spin it.


Sure, some people believe alcohol makes them ‘feel’ relaxed at the end of a long day, but the reason you feel relaxed is because alcohol stops your brain functioning properly. Yep, it fully just changes the neural pathways in your brain, so it’s not technically mind altering, but I bet you wouldn’t whip your hair back and forth that intensely after three soda waters, now would you?


And the quote itself, well, F.S Fitzgerald was an alcoholic. This quote is not about fashion statements and cool sunnies, this statement is about the lie that alcohol lets you believe about the world when you lose your grip on it. As I say, alcohol isn’t the problem, it’s your relationship with it.


So, less wine meme’s @goop.


My point here is this. If you are going to be an advocate for the empowerment of healthy women, waking up like this, being our own bosses and slaying it in life, then be sold out for that cause. Be so sold out to that cause that your staff are aware of the boundaries of what it means and use your platform and promote a better message.


The next post I will unpack in the next BLOG.. stay tuned.