31 drinks you can have during Dry July

Look at this as a challenge if you will, to spend an entire complete whole month of your life, not consuming a drop of alcohol.


What will you do for fun? You ask. Well, you see, I haven’t had a drink for a very long time, and I’m not bored! In fact, in the three and a half years I haven’t had any drinks I’ve opened two businesses, written two books, done a tonne of travel, renovated a house and I started The Social Rebellion.


At the beginning of my journey into the unknown and terrifying world of ‘not being a massive piss-head’ I was genuinely worried about what my weekends would look like? It was unbelievable to fathom a whole weekend with catching up for drinks with anyone (or everyone in my case). I learned very quickly that when you’re not pissing away the weekend, you find time to rest properly and you get up earlier, so you have MORE time and you are far from bored, with a clear head and a functioning brain, you can dream up the most wonderful weekend adventures.


When you’re not forever planning your time down to the opening of the bar, the pre-drinks to the party or the hair of the dog the next day, it’s remarkable what you can get up to, and all without a dry mouth the next day and a pit of regret in your tummy.


I get it. Dry July is a huge deal for a lot of people, and yes you are doing a wonderful thing, raising money for adults who are way less comfortable than us, those that are fighting cancer. What a great cause to contribute towards. Good for you. But it’s tough. Not everyone is doing Dry July and not everyone who does will redefine their relationship with alcohol, but it’s a great first step to at least figure out what your relationship with alcohol looks like. It’s how I started my journey.


Now that we’ve cleared that all up, the other big question is, well if I’m not drinking, what can I drink? Here are 31 suggestions to get you through Dry July. Feel free to try them all, although you may just get to tea and stick with it. Tea is great.



Okay well we can start with the obvious ones


1.     Water - add some fresh lemon juice to make it fancy

2.     Sparkling water - or bubble water for all the parents out there

3.     Coffee – anyway you like it black, flat, ¾ full, soy, skim, buttered, bulletproof, cold-dripped, filtered,

4.     Affogato – technically a dessert but you can drink it

5.     Iced coffee – which for me is a shot of coffee over almond milk but for others is the contents list of a pavlova.

6.     Milkshakes- bringing the boys to the yard

7.     Tea - black, white, grey whatever

8.     Herbal tea

9.     Iced tea

10.  Chai or milky spiced tea

11.  Matcha Green tea - - this just inspired another entire BLOG just about tea. Stay tuned.

12.  Kombucha – brew your own or get it in a bottle from an organic store, ginger is a house favourite, raspberry lemon also a winner

13.  Coconut water

14.  Watermelon Water

15.  Aloe Vera – I’m pretty sure this is a scam, I have seen it but not tasted it, maybe send me a review if you are daring enough to go there

16.  Soda - sugar free sexy, sophisticated, soda

17.  Hot water with fresh lemon, ginger and honey -- admittedly my Dad used to put a shot of scotch whiskey in this as a cold suppressant for us kids. Go Dad!

18.  Smoothies

19.  Green juice

20.  Bone broth

21.  Ome-Sho-Ban – on a Japanese Superfoods bender I discovered this. Recipe here.

22.  Freshly squeezed OJ

23.  Homemade lemonade - so you can feel like Beyonce

24.  Punch – which does pack a punch, surprisingly

25.  Ginger Beer – non-alcoholic duh!

26.  Grape Spritzer – consume with some cucumber sandwiches between tennis games

27.  Mocktails – see below about Seedlip

28.  Hot chocolate

29.  Orange Mocha Frappuccino -just for a shootout to Zoolander

30.  Apple Cider – not the vinegar

31.  Arnold & Palmer – very American, very tasty


Let’s talk about Seedlip


One of the things I haven’t been able to figure out this whole time I haven’t been drinking for the drinking Olympics, is what to take to a party. Soda water is okay but you feel like a kid, anyone got a swizzle straw? Kombucha is good but everything else is laced with sugar. Enter Seedlip. The worlds’ first non-alcoholic distilled spirit. It means you can have a sophisticated drink in your hand and feel like a grown-up without knocking back tequila’s and acting like a teenager.


Seedlip have a huge range of non-alcoholic cocktails, their story it quite mind-blowing.


If you want to order some alcohol-free drinks, like non-alcoholic beers or wines, you can use my friends at alcofree.com.au They are a beautiful married couple helping to change the drinking culture in Australia by stocking only non-alcoholic drinks.