I love that we are getting back to the Earth. Well perhaps not everyone is, but I certainly feel like I have stepped right away from high processed, manufactured, out of a packet, laced with artificial everything, man-made, convenient yet dead inside products and gotten back to a bit more of a ‘simple and natural' or is that 'naturally simple' existence. I am eating things that are grown, not stuffed into pretty packaging and nestled in between plastic tokens. I’ve adopted the principal, for the most part, that I once heard in a documentary about basically how obesity is an epidemic and something just ‘has to be done’ about it, but how can anything be done when Larry won’t switch his packet of Lite and Tangy’s for a lemon water? Anyway, the advice in the doco was given to a severely obese teenage boy who was trying his best to stick to a healthful diet, factor in some exercise and with zero take away options, do his best to change his relationship with food and in turn his overall health and wellness. Hopefully the take away instead of KFC was some smarts.


If it’s seen the sun, then it’s alive and will keep you alive. It if hasn’t seen the sun, because it’s in a packet, then give it a miss. Basic, real, honest advice and a good filter for your pantry staples.


I find most advice about what we should be eating is quite simple, we just like to confuse things by eating what we ‘feel’ like or making something we want to taste, rather than look at what that food is going to do to our bodies.


In another area of my world, out of the kitchen and into the bathroom, my second favourite room in my apartment I’ve made some changes too and not just outfit changes,  I mean real changes.


On a side note, when it’s warmer, the bathroom is my favourite room, maybe it’s the mirror? When it’s ‘get me a hot water bottle Wendy, it’s cold’ then I am in that living room, snuggled up next to the fire. So, as it’s cold, my second favourite room in the apartment has had a makeover of sorts. Trading potions and lotions labelled with words I can’t pronounce, and on the assumption that I can’t pronounce it, it will kill me, I’ve laced my bathroom cupboard with things that sound normal. Like Salt. Coconut Oil products, coffee scrub, tea soaks  and activated charcoal. All things you’ll also find in my kitchen, which rules, except the composter, that is a kitchen only item.


I'm talking it back to the old school…

'Cause I'm an old fool who's so cool
If you want to get down
I'm gonna show you the way whoomp there it is
Let me hear you say
Whoomp there it is


Sorry, I totally went on a Tag Team bender there, it happens.


Using things on my bits, that are not too similar to things that I feel comfortable inhaling, is kind of my filter on what products I’m pushing into that cute cabinet above that vanity that is forever doused with random strays of my hair. My hair gets everywhere. In the morning, my husband has to wipe my face like he’s on the banks of the Jordan river wading through the tall grass just to find my face to say good morning. And since when did my explode into mermaids? It’s like, all of sudden my hair went from split ends and kind just past my shoulders, to right down to my butt crack and in need of a double hairband to tie it up. It’s out of control and probably for all the right reasons.


Just like your skin is your biggest organ. Wait what? Yes, Yolanda, your skin, the skin that you are in, that Earth suit you throw new clothes on after your shopping hauls, it’s the largest organ in your body. Not your brain, Brainiac. And not any member of any guys reading this. One of the best ways to get those nutrients into you, is to adsorb them through your skins which is how I am doing things these days. Yes, I feel like Kate Richie in a Dove commercial and I kind of like it. I almost feel like I might be sexier at lathering lotions onto my forearms these days.


And when I have a few spare minutes, which isn’t that often, but Lord I’m trying, I just lay in a bath full of the stuff that I want in my skin. Like Coconut Milk Infused Coco-soak bath soak or tea, yes there is a tea-bath just waiting for you, if you're keen.


Taking the term TEAtotal to a whole new level!

Some of my fave flavours contain pomegranate and coconut milk, which sounds more like a fruit smoothie with a dash of protein powder, but it book ends my day with a good old sit in a tub and unwind as they good stuff gets right in.

Oh and I chuck on a candle, which is one of my new favourite sayings. ‘Hey babe, can you just chuck on a candle, thanks!’ I chuck on a Palms and Sea salt candle while I’m having my tub time and inhale the ethically made No 9 Melons and Fresh Pineapple zing into my face senses. So that's me taking TEA totalling to a new level, well a new room in the apartment. 



I know that TLC said they didn’t want no scrub but I am pretty convinced they’d change their minds if they got their little mits on this Luxe Oil and Salt Scrub with Jasmine and Rose. It’s made with salt from the dead sea, which sounds bad, but it actually amazing. No clue as to how the salt from the dead sea made it in the mason jar in my shower, but I am on a need to know basis.



I want to get back to the Earth. That means walking in nature, going to beach and inhaling the fresh salty air, making a worm farm, building furniture out of recycled wood, shopping at the farmers markets and not using plastic.


On my mission to refine and strip back. Not over buy, over consumer, and hide behind the many things that we can find to makes ourselves feel valued and safe. I need things less and less. But when I do find a good thing, I want to share it with you who are joining me on this journey,


You’ll feel good about SALT by Hendrix not only because it’s good for you but it’s good for all, ethically made and totally a la natural, which is how I’m writing this article. That was probably an overshare by me, my apologies.



No offence, but you’re not that special

No offence, but you’re not that special

What hundreds of thousands of women in the country are not talking about.

Walk If Off (Not Shake)

When I was a kid, some of my fave memories were when Mum, Dad and I, sometimes accompanied by my older brother, would take our family dog for a walk 'around the block'. The block is now full of townhouses, like the movie Pleasantville but with less Reese Witherspoon. The block used to be farm land and old run down drive in. The only buildings you'd pass once you veered off the main road was the General Store run by Deirdre, where we'd buy our milk and stamps, and the nursery which, for a teenager, I was quite fond of walking around. I've been told I'm an old soul. Which I think is code for liking old people stuff like walking around nursery's. I'm okay with it though, so don't feel bad for thinking that. 

Walking was a family past time. We'd walk 'around the block' with the dog, our gorgeous Rottweiler Keesha (RIP), or stack our weekend full of bush-walks in the Blue Mountains, I didn't realise it at the time, but it's been ingrained into my being and it's been my default for years. If things are too much, I just go for a walk! If I'm in a confrontation and I want to stop myself exploding with rage, I just tap out, press pause and walk it off. If I feel lost, I go for a walk. I always have. I always will. But never so much than when I stopped drinking.

One thing you notice when you stop drinking is you have a lot more time on your hands. Funny how I used to think I was too busy to look after myself, yet the answer was to stop wasting time getting wasted. In fact, when I first stopped drinking I was terrified of being bored! Ha, I have to laugh at that now, there is no boredom when you are present in your truth. And at first, I thought about drinking all the time, so to distract myself for the mild FOMO I went for a walk. At first it was 20 minutes, and then it was hours because I found my love for it again. It helped me process my thoughts, it made me feel better, it made me not want to go back to drinking. It gave me clarity, it birthed ideas and it helped with my happiness. 

When you stop drinking, whether it's for a little or a long time, you will have more time on your hands, so I took it to the streets. Kind of like in the dance movie, Step Up To The Streets. I walked. I got up earlier because I went to bed earlier (and I wasn't hungover or dehydrated). Sure, some mornings I was half asleep half around the new block I walked but I felt good and other mornings I just didn't want to go but you now what? Sometimes you have to tap into your character instead of your comfort. And once you start feeling good, it's addictive. Like alcohol, but way better for your brain health. No-one made a regrettable choice after an hour of walking! 

Walking became my 'thing' again, so did F45 but that's another story. And no matter how much I lift bro or sweat it out in a gym session, making time for my 'thing' is what brings me clarity and calm. When I am calm, I can do the work. When I can do the work I get the results and I'm not talking about losing weight or building lean muscle mass. I mean life results. You know like publishing books, or renovating houses. Or just being an awesome wife and a pleasant human to be around. 

I'd read walking has great physical health benefits, and that's kinfd of I discovered it had amazing mental health benefits. My brain is so loud, it really doesn't stop. I have creative ideas that wake me up, I am in an almost constant state of mild anxiety about how to not let anyone down, I want to achieve and change the world, my world. When you have an active brain, it's hard to be quiet. It's tough to stop the thoughts and arrest them to being in the present. I think I have lived most of life 5 seconds in the future having a panic attack right now about a hypothetical that usually wouldn't play out as the horror I imagined. This also why I used to drink alcohol. Just to stop. Just to numb. Just to quieten the mind and be able to finally for a few moments relax. And as much as yes, having a drink can take the edge off, the damage it does to your internal system is insane. It stops your brain functioning properly, it shuts down your neural pathways and sends your central nervous system into overdrive. That's usually why you wake up at 3am after a few too many drinks with a dry throat, a pounding headache and a racing heart.  Then the panic rises and you feel awful, so, really not a great solution in the end. It took me a while to figure this out. 

The relax that I thought the bottle used to give me, I found in nature. What also strikes me as concerning is how much we think alcohol does for us. We think it relaxes us, but it doesn't. We think it'll somehow change our situation but it doesn't. We think it our companion but it's not.


I much prefer the mind being quiet. The thoughts coming and then just going and it all began with walking.  As you do a thing more you get better at it, I've replaced my gold medal winning drinking performance, with a walking habit. But not just walking to let off steam. Walking and being here, now, present. Seeing what I am seeing. Feeling what I am feeling. Smelling the air. Stopping to take it in. When you surround yourself with nature, it's hard to feel anything less than a small miracle.  


Drunk Mums: The Solution

Drunk Mums: The Solution

Why there is a ‘drunk mum’ epidemic in Australia and what do to about it. A response to the Susan Lund story on 60 minutes recently.