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This chick is kicking her diagnosis in the a**

Did you know many Epilepsy sufferers are non-drinkers? I didn’t. I fact, I didn’t know anybody who suffered from epilepsy until I met Malinda. And in my mind, I’m not sure what an epilepsy suffered ‘looked like’ but this chick is glam, gorge and super confident. She is totally ok with her diagnosis, she is vocal about bringing attention to her condition, to help anyone in her health predicament feel good about themselves despite a diagnosis. She uses #knowepilepsynofear on Instagram where she BLOGs about her adventures and helps to educate people.  So when it comes to epilepsy, apparently there are some people who are allowed to drink in moderation, all approved by the Dr of course! And the Neurologist and the other health care professionals with the authority to tell you so. However, it didn’t appear to work in Malinda’s favour.


Malinda Hayward was 21 years old when she was diagnosed with epilepsy and then spent the next ten years in denial about her condition. Not wanting to accept the diagnosis, she continued to drink as most 21 year olds do. ‘I drank alcohol and not just to enjoy the taste, I guess I didn’t want to miss out on anything that a regular healthy 20-something year olds would be able to try or do’ and on reflection she admits, ‘at times I also used it to self-medicate.’


Suffering from chronic depression and severe anxiety since the age of 15, ‘sometimes it was nice to feel good from the ‘high’ that being drunk provided,’ Malinda shares, and other times it was comforting for her to be able to forget about her impending health conditions or the latest break-up that was nursing a broken heart from.


It took her health to decline further for Malinda to understand that drinking was no helping. That feeling that so called ‘high’ was taking a huge toll on her mental health, her longevity, her daily life and her physical body. It just wasn’t working for her anymore.


So, what is Malinda doing?


She’s taking a cheeky three months alcohol-free from June 1st, 2018 and using The Social Rebellion as her guide to navigate this new territory. Malinda admits, ‘I know that I feel 1000 times better when I’ve abstained from alcohol for an extended period,’ and she is ready to find a more sustainably sober life. One that will see her health continually improve, and one you can read about as she shares her journey on Instagram @malindahayward When she is healthy in her mind and body, Malinda understands herself better and makes better choices.


During her three months alcohol-free, let’s call it a three-month social rebellion, Malinda is encouraging her friends and family to live alcohol-free her for one of the three months, she is also raising money during her journey for Epilepsy Action Australia.


Go girl! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see how your life will transform in three months.

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