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The Social Rebellion is super proud to be assocatied with these wonderful people. 

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dry july foundation

Maz has been an ambassador for the Dry July Foundation since 2009. 

"Maz eloquently details her journey to sobriety and demonstrates the benefits of ‘breaking up with alcohol’, whether it be for a month, a year or longer. Thank you for supporting Dry July and sharing your experiences, Maz; your story is inspirational."

- Brett, CEO Dry July Foundation


Maz hosts Healthy-ish - a fortnightly podcast. Each episode she chats with with Eliza, Editor or and Dr Andrew Rochford, Dr and Dad and they talk candidly about everything health and wellness. Full of small tips to help you live a healthy-ish life. 

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hip sobriety

Founded in New York City by  Holly Whittaker,  Hip Sobriety was the first place Maz found 'her people' when she decided to live alcohol-free. Holly has since become a mentor to Maz throughout the creation of The Social Rebellion. Aligned by a common cause and huge hearts Holly and Maz have forged a friendship from across the seas. Holly's work is remarkable and her wisdom unparalleled.